Air Cooler ECM-7000-Solar

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Key Features

  • Voltage: 12V – DC
  • Fan type: Propeller Fan
  • Fan Diameter(mm/inch): “457/18 inch”
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Cooling Medium: Honey comb
  • Water Tank: 56 liters
  • Controller: MANUAL
  • Cooling Area(m3/ft3): 113/40000
  • Auto Louver moment: YES
  • Product Dimension 630 x 445 x 1090 mm
  • Carton Dimension 660 x 482 x 1105 mm
  • Net weight 15 kg
  • 40 “HQ” 164
  • Gross Weight 17kg

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Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions660 × 482 × 1105 mm

Boss evaporative air cooler have been positioned positively in the preference of the consumers, eager to find different intermediate options between an air fan & air condition. Unlike air conditions, Boss room air cooler technology & design allows the users to have a refreshing & pleasant climate through a moist breeze. In BOSS evaprative air cooler there are four sides of evaporative cooking pads double area than any other cooler. BOSS evaporative coolers do not require sophisticated maintenance nor expensive warranty policies for after sale service.


White and Blue

Main Material



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